What We Fund

What We Fund

Photo: Sean Dundas

The Elephant Crisis Fund (ECF) is nimble and highly efficient, with 100% of donated funds going directly towards actions to save elephants, and with zero overhead. 

Every penny of every dollar saves elephants.

Supporters can rest assured that funds go to the best projects and institutions. Potential projects are assessed for their likely impact using Save the Elephants’ deep knowledge of elephants and African conservation organizations and extensive network of contacts, as well as field visits.

The ECF funds projects to address the ivory crisis, promote human-elephant coexistence and protect elephant landscapes, regardless of the organization's size—for it is the best ideas, not any one institution, that will save elephants. The ECF can deploy emergency funds within 24 hours.

The Save the Elephants and Wildlife Conservation Network teams strongly assess applicants for their efficacy and their projects for priority, ensuring that a dollar to save elephants through the Elephant Crisis Fund is a dollar well spent.

The ECF has three programmatic areas in which it invests:

Ending the ivory crisis: supporting anti-poaching, anti-trafficking, and demand reduction.

Promoting human-elephant coexistence: dealing with the threats to elephants in close proximity to people.

Protecting elephant landscapes: giving elephants space to survive and recover.

For further details, please read the Elephant Crisis Fund 2021 End Year Report.